Community Support of Fight For Hearts

Heart disease is the #1 killer worldwide and 1 in 4 deaths in the USA are due to the "Silent killer".  These are scary numbers, but at times what seem like everybody's problem, becomes nobody's problem.  Lack of awareness and knowledge regarding heart disease, often leads us to think that it can't affects us ... but as the late great poet S. Carter said: "Men lie, women lie, numbers don't".  Our job is not to "sell" anyone our services, but to raise awarenss, provide information, and leave our members with an understanding of fitness. Improving overall quality of life is one of  our goals; but even with our widespread community outreach, we are open to new found partnerships  in order to maximize the effectiveness of our services. 

We are truly grateful for all of our partners throughout the community that support our vision.  

Jeff E. from Boys and Girls Club purchased our logo T-shirts for all youth members of the club.

Jeff E. from Boys and Girls Club purchased our logo T-shirts for all youth members of the club.

With our knowledge and experience in the fitness field, as well as understanding our member needs, the program participants have been extremely receptive to our methods.  Our core values have been critical to our success, as well as all of the heart health information provided by American Heart Association.

These are your donations at work! Think about how much it costs to run a business with a 100% of the staff as volunteers? Replacing broken equipment, yearly insurance costs, website, staff uniforms, printed materials, healthy snacks, accounting/lawyer fees, and any items that we give away. Keep supporting us by donating, which will help us continue impacting lives. 

Some photos from our 2018 fitness classes....

We look forward to many more collaborations in the future and ways to reach more of the people that require our services.  You can always contact us with any questions, suggestions, partnership or other business opportunities.

Srdan Lukic