Ages K-12

We provide youth certified coaches to your facility. Our youth program (ages K-12) is designed to be fun, with the main focus to detailed movement, and cognitive component. We are using athletic/functional movements to develop fitness habits in a fun way.

Some of the tools that we use:

  • Obstacle Courses.

  • Plyometrics.

  • Stretching/Warmups.

  • Numbers, Math, Colors, Geography Combined With Movement.

  • Junior Coach Leadership Program.



Research shows that nearly 60 percent of overweight children age 5 to 17 had at least one risk factor for cardiovascular disease and 25 percent had two or more. Obese kids have an 80 percent chance of staying obese their entire lives. (

Program includes stretching, agility drills, and general conditioning exercises. We include cognitive training using math, and various other modalities.  We also emphasize nutrition as well as the Fight For Hearts' core values (Healthy Living, Work Ethic, Commitment, Respect, and Responsibility).

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