(Surgeon Lookich)

Srđan Lukić was born with a Congenital Heart Defect and survived 3 open heart surgeries.  With B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA (non-profit Management track), Srđan took on the role of the CEO of Fight For Hearts. The time spent serving on the board of directors of Syracuse Friends of Boxing (non-profit), helped Srđan start Fight For Hearts.  

Srđan has boxed competitively from 2003-2012, finishing his career with 54 bouts, 3 NY State Golden Gloves titles, and representing USA in international competition.

Certifications include: Certified Personal Trainer (NCFS), Certified Strength Coach (CFSC), Senior Fitness Specialist (NASM), USA Boxing Certified Coach, as well as CPR/AED Certified. 

Srđan worked as a strength and conditioning coach with division 1 football players as well as top amateur boxers through the company he founded Merak Fitness

In 2018, Srđan was named “Inspirational Honoree” by American Heart Association, for the community outreach initiatives.



Tom Coulter

Tom Coulter is a hall of fame Olympic boxing coach and considered an expert in the sport of boxing. Leading the USA boxing team to 14 Olympic medals in two separate Olympics (1988 and 1996) Tom's experience is second to none. Named the USA's coach of the year, his introduction of interval running to the Olympic training program was a huge leap forward for the USA boxing team. Tom started Syracuse Friends of Boxing (SFOB) in 1965, which is responsible producing more than 20 world-level amateur boxers (most notably Frankie Lyles).

Tom has been inducted in to the Boxing Hall of Fame as a Coach in December 2017.

Tom Coulter also has a passion for running, and was a member of the national championship cross country team at Syracuse University in 1951.  Tom qulaified and competed in total of 3 marathons.

SFOB shut down operations in 2018, and Tom is currently enjoying his retirement. Tom is responsible for advising and supervising the programming of Fight For Hearts. 


Jim Pigg

Jim joined the Syracuse Friends of boxing in 2009 with a goal to improve fitness.  As he progressed in skill and knowledge, Jim shifted his passion to coaching. Studying under Tom Coulter, Jim's boxing IQ increased quickly allowing him to surpass many more experienced coaches. Working with many top amateur boxers, Jim focuses on conditioning of the athletes as much as helping improve skill. 

An important part of Jim's life is leading a clean and healthy lifestyle by following a vegetarian diet and daily exercise.

Jim is a Certified Strength Coach (CFSC), Youth Fitness Specialist (NASM) as well as USA Boxing Certified Coach.


Harold Askia

Harold is not only considered a coach but a teacher.  With passion for boxing, Harold started off competing and transitioned into coaching and now has over 20 years of coaching experience across all age groups (from youth to seniors). Over the last 10 years Harold has been involved with MMA, and developing fighters all around.  Harold is also an open heart surgery survivor, and contributes to fitness as well as healthy living area of Fight For Hearts.     


Juan Perez

Juan was born in Brooklyn NY, and started boxing at a young age.  Training in the NYC's world famous Gleasons gym, Juan was able to train along side some of the top amateur and professional boxers in the world.  Juan finished his amateur career with over 30 bouts, and quickly transitioned to coaching in 2004.  

Juan has been involved in youth development for over 15 years, working with Syracuse City School District.

Juan brings other skills to the table as he is a High School track and field coach, as well as a personal trainer.  Juan focus is working with youth athletes (Elementary - High School) as well as general population.