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FITNESs and lifestyle for a healthy heart

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The Problem

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in USA for both men and women (1 in every 4 deaths).  Risk factors for heart disease include (but not limited to): obesity, inactivity, high blood pressure, family history, and can start as early as childhood. CDC reports that only 21.6% of youth receives the minimum required physical activity per day.

Preventable Root Cause: Sedentary Lifestyle and Poor eating choices.

Approximately 80% of Heart Disease is preventable with fitness and by leading a healthy lifestyle!

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Our Approach

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit company which provides mobile youth fitness services. Our team of health and fitness professionals focus on improving our communities heart health. Our goal is to educate, develop heart healthy habits, improve longevity, as well as the quality of life in our youth population.

The organization consists of expert coaches who use their knowledge of fitness to improve health of the mainstream population

- Daily Orange (Feb. 2018)

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Fitness outcomes


Fitness and Health Education

With focus on functional movement, and fun activities our programs focuses on maximal engagement. Our goal is to develop healthy habits, educate and improve quality of life.



We are empowering the youth to lead peers, build self-confidence, teamwork and develop problem solving strategies. Our junior coach program also focuses on skill learning.


COGNITIVE benefits

Higher physical activity and physical fitness levels are associated with improved cognitive performance  Only 21.6% of children ages 6-19 receive the minimum required physical activity daily (CDC)

……..and much more!


Our Impact



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We pride our selves in providing top quality fitness services which are free to the end user.

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We plan our fitness programs based on what the end user wants/needs.  Our attendance reflects this. 

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Our focus is on movement detail, pre-habilitation, and functional training. 

Your donations make our work possible! When you donate, you're helping children improve their health, as well as bringing closer entire communities. You can change lives.

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