Family Fitness Day at Burnet Park

Last weekend, we were part of the Health Departments Family Fitness Day at the Park.  The event was aimed at bringing different physical activities outdoors (Free of charge) and have both parents and youth participate in the events.  Fight For Hearts is part of the SCSD Health Committee, and the planning for this event was very detailed and executed very well.

Various organizations were able to join; Syracuse University Exercise Science, Parks and Recreation, SCSD, and Cornell University were among some of the organizations present.

Fight for Hearts offered fitness workouts where participants would "Train Like a Pro".  This meant that we selected various plyometric, interval, anaerobic (and offered some aerobic as well) exercises that are appropriate for both youth and parents.  Kids were able to work on their acceleration, deceleration, spacial awareness, agility, coordination, aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. 

One of the reasons Fight For Hearts is the best at what we do, is the ability employ complex exercise science principals which are most effective, and "disguise" them in fun workouts :)... (we'll get into some of those in the future posts).

We also set up a station with boxing gloves where participants would learn the basic punches, and use them in a timed manner to get a workout.  

When done daily, all of our workouts shown are great ways to stay healthy, keep your workouts fun, and keep your heart conditioned.  

When families work out together, not only does it keep everyone healthy, but it also allows parents to lead by example.  This is very important to understand, and is a big part of what we preach at all of our youth classes.

Keep checking back and get ready for a lot more fun activities that Fight For Hearts is working on.  

Srdan Lukic