Pillars of Health - T-Shirt (unisex)

Pillars of Health - T-Shirt (unisex)


We decided to come up with a design that embraces all of the things which we speak about, so we put together a design called “ The Pillars of Health”. Our goal is to inspire, and remind you that you are in control of your health. We covered the following pillars as well as a few mantras:

  • Nutrition

  • Importance of sleep (Circadian Rhythm)

  • Mindfullness

  • Reducing Stress

  • Love/compassion/emotional well being

  • Proper Breathing

  • Activity/Movement

Finally, we are stepping it up with quality by using our own branding (tag) as well as the softest materials which you will love wearing!

  • Shirts are heather gray color.

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