This is a Pilot Program. We are testing it in october of 2019, and the full program will be available in January 2020.

What is it?

This is a single event where we can generate the greatest impact! We focus on communication, education, and developing healthy habits. The key to the program is execution! We teamed up with one of nations top youth speakers, Cam Awesome!

How it works

  • Schedule us

    Contact us and let us know more details about your school, or community center. We will schedule a phone or in person meeting to dicuss the timelines, approach, and any details. We also discuss the staff capacity for helping with the progress reports.

  • Group Presentation

    We present a 45 minute speech (auditorium/gymnasium). We tailor the speech to individual facilities and empower, motivate, educate and inspire the youth to GET ACTIVE and develop the positive health changes.

  • Challenge

    We challenge, motivate, and encourage the youth over a course of a month, with a goal of developing habits. We encourage activities during recess. with the help of teachers we can track progress.

  • Weekly Reports

    We ask all participants to fill out a simple activity tracker weekly so we can track progress and make any adjustments.

  • Program Report

    We discuss the outcomes with the facility and work to develop a sustainable activity program. Depending on the needs we can offer consultation, on-site coaches or staff training.

Our Speaker


Cam F. Awesome

Cam is am Emmy Nominated, multi-national boxing champion and a 2 time Olympian. Cam is a health conscious athlete and a nationally acclaimed speaker. Cam has spoken in over 230 schools over the 2018-2019 school year, and his speeches pack a punch!

WHY Cam?

Cam has a very unique perspective on health and wellness. At a point in his life, Cam was overweight, inactive with poor nutrition. Reaching the elite level of boxing required proper nutrition, fitness, mental strength and skill. As a result, Cam started practicing a plant based vegan diet. Almost a decade later, Cam has been nationally recognized and nominated for a Vegan Athlete of the Year. Being a health consciousness elite level athlete is what makes this an amazing partnership!

In the media

Cam has appeared on ESPN’s Highly Questionable as well as many other media outlets. He has appeared in the Netflix documentary “Counterpunch” where his Olympic journey was followed.

Cam Awesome is featured in the Netflix documentary Counterpunch.