Exercise of the Month.....Renegade Row

This month we look into a great exercise with many applications, the Renegade Row.  When short on time, we all want to get the best bang for the buck, and spending hours at a gym working a typical "bodybuilding" routine (isolating individual muscles) is not in everyone's plans. So how do we optimize our workouts to work on multiple muscle groups and energy sources? Renegade Row is one of those.

When we combine different energy systems (endurance, strength etc.) we don't get the maximum benefits from each individual type of a movement.  Most of us are OK with that, as training specificity is not a big deciding factor (unless you are an elite athlete), so circuit training is a great choice (ex. if you are trying to maximize strength gains, specific exercises and rep ranges should be followed, and renegade row is not one).  Renegade rows combine a plank (anti-flexion and anti-rotation), push-up and a row in one exercise.  This is a great exercise for complete upper body workout.   

How to:

  1. Choose appropriate weight.
  2. Begin by getting into the push-up position, with feed slightly wider than the shoulder width.
  3. Complete a push-up, and a row with a single hand.  
  4. Beginners can skip the pushup and just do a plank/row, until comfortable with the movement.


Renegade rows can be done at the beginning, middle or end of the workout, depending on your goal.  We usually add them as a station during our circuit training, which gives you a hard station which is usually followed by less intense station such as jogging

Srdan Lukic