Exercise of the Month.... Agility Ladder!

A great warm-up tool that is lots of fun to use and can add much needed variety to your workouts.  We love using the agility ladder in our bootcamp workouts and youth fitness workouts, as it adds a fun way to warm up. 

A HUGE misconception is that agility ladder builds speed, and that it will translate into sports/everyday life.  Foot quickness does NOT translate to improvements in speed.  A person that can generate more force against the ground will accelerate faster, so raising absolute strength as well as explosive strength will improve speed (we are really talking acceleration here, as most sports will never allow you to hit your top speed, eg. Usain Bolt needs 60 meters of acceleration to reach his top speed! For reference, basketball court is roughly 28 meters long).

What agility ladder does allow you to do is have a fun warmup in a multi-planar space, help with direction change, braking, and can even help with injury prevention (if used for that purpose).  Another great thing about agility ladder is that it can be incorporated into other strength and conditioning drills such as walking planks, or moving push up drills.  We put together a short "Exercise of the Month" infographic for you to save, share, and use to help you improve your workouts.  Stay active, eat healthy, reduce stress, sleep well and you will improve your heart health! If you have any questions please contact us.

Srdan Lukic