No Time To Go To The Gym? Try This!

At Home Bodyweight Workout

(30 min.)

Our lives are busy; chores, eating, bills, family, friends....oh yea and sleep.  Sometimes we all get overwhelmed, and to make sure our priorities are taken care of, we sacrifice the leisure/extracurricular activities (at least what we think those are).  Usually we all decide to skip the gym, or cooking a meal (for fast food) in order to save time.  Sleep is also a big thing that we skip but we will get to that in another post...  

Since we at Fight For Hearts believe that exercise and healthy diet should be at the top of our priorities, so we put together a 30 minute at home, body-weight workout that can be done with minimal equipment.  All you will need is a chair/box/step, and a jump-rope, and some good music to keep you moving.  Feel free to print, email, share, do as you please with this workout!  Remember to warm up fully.

Next time you decide to skip the gym to save time, remember that all you need is 30 minutes at home to get a great workout! Ask your self if you are skipping things that are truly leisure activities (TV, social media time etc.)? Stay consistent, alternate your workouts, and have fun!  Keeping your heart healthy is a marathon not a sprint. 

If you have any questions regarding the workout or want to drop us a note feel free to email us


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Srdan Lukic