True Health Initiative - Collaboration


We are pleased to announce our collaboration with True Health Initiative. THI is a global brand with only 44 organizational members (and we are one of them). Member organizations include: Whole Foods Market, Kind Bar, and numerous medical facilities.

As the world’s trusted, authoritative voice on lifestyle as medicine, we demonstrate and disseminate the global consensus on the fundamental, evidence-based principles of lifestyle as medicine, we will change the global understanding of lifestyle practices that most likely help people live longer and live healthier.

One Voice. One Truth.

Idea behind THI aligns with our core values, which is to live a lifestyle of health, and not focus on a specific diet or trend. Our true battle is against the “Standard American Diet”, and we do this by meeting people where they currently are.

There are numerous reasons why it is difficult for inner city community to eat a healthy diet. Some of the reasons are: Lack of supermarkets in the area (ex. Southside of Syracuse does not have a supermarket near, and people end up shopping at corner stores). Another reason is the cost of healthy foods (ex. Ramen Noodles are less than $0.30, and a single apple can cost more plus the fact that apples are perishable). We have to set realistic expectations, and make small changes.


Our organization has vegans, vegetarians, as well as omnivores (meat-eaters). Various studies and research may lean in one direction or another, but we all can agree with the common principles, which align with those of THI. Along with the diet other important factors for health and longevity are: Sleep, reduction of stress, physical activity, minimizing smoking/alcohol, and spreading love. Seems simple but far too many of us are not maximizing each one of these pillars.

With True Health Initiative, we have even greater support from the top experts in the world. This means that our services are constantly getting better, and our programs are constantly getting improved.

Srdan Lukic