Boxing Tip of the Week Program!

We are starting our Boxing Tip of the Week program.  Since our Cardio Boxing classes are offered at a limited days/times, we wanted to offer tutorials so you can safely and effectively work out at home.  These are not "step by step" instructions to teach a person how to throw a punch, but intended for the audience that needs to improve their fundamentals in order to conduct quality workouts anywhere they go.  Best of all, you will get in great cardio workout (improving your heart health), as well as well as start understanding the sweet science.

We have our volunteer/board member/ and program director, Tom Coulter, assist with some of the instructional videos.  Tom has an extensive boxing background which include 10,000+ amateur bouts coached, as well as coaching team USA at 1988 Olympic games. 


Leave us a comment and tell us what you think as well as what videos you would like to see. 

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