Deskersize! Fight For Hearts presents at the American Heart Association's CEO Breakfast

We were honored to be invited to the American Hearts Association's annual CEO breakfast, where local business leaders gather.  Srdan Lukic made a short presentation about the dangers of sitting, and few suggestions on how to improve your health.  

World Health Organization ranks physical inactivity (sitting too much) as the fourth biggest preventable killer globally, causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths annually
— Health Topics: Physical Activity,” World Health Organization, _activity/en/
Effects of long term sitting are NOT reversed by exercise and other good habits!
— Aviroop Biswas, PaulI. Oh, Guy E. Faulner, Ravi R. Bajaj, Michael A. Silver, Marc S. Mitchell and David A. Alter, “Sedentary Time and Its Association with Risk for Disease Incidance, Mortality and Hospitalization in Adults: A Systematic Review and MetaAnalysis, “ Annals of Internal Medicine 162, no.2 (2015): Pages 123-132

The event was very well put together, and to contribute to it is truly an honor.

Srdan Lukic