A Day in a Life of an Open-Heart Surgery Survivor - Cardioversion


What causes arrhythmia? 

Being born with a CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) and going through 3 x Open Heart Surgeries, I am at a higher risk of developing arrhythmia.  As much as I work out, pay attention to my diet, and make sure i get proper sleep, my heart can go into irregular rhythm at any point.  This happened to me only 3 times in my life, an each time I had to go through Cardioversion.

This time, on 9/7/17 I had a fever, chills, and was very congested.  As I was sitting in my office, my heart skipped a beat, and remained in the rhythm which seemed twice as fast.  The heart doesn't actually beat twice as fast, but it flutters.  This is dangerous as there are increased risks of a blood clot developing which could lead to a stroke. I stayed in this rhythm for one day, to see if I will get back to sinus rhythm.  Since this didn't help, I immediately checked into the emergency room.... Check out the video for my two day journey. 

There is no clear answer what causes abnormal rhythm so only thing i can do cover all of my bases.  Eating healthy, exercising, reducing stress, proper rest are on my daily to do list.  And most importantly, remember to always smile, because I'm blessed :)

For more information www.hrsonline.org and www.heart.org.

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Srdan Lukic