Senior Citizen Services

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Train The Trainer

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Our train the trainer program focuses on training your staff to become certified Fight For Hearts Trainers. Our certification program is in depth with both written and practical components, and will give you the tools needed to lead a sustainable senior citizen program.

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Onsite Coaching

Our onsite trainers are certified and experienced in working with Senior Citizen Population. We focus on various modalities to fight sarcopenia and provide education, tools and support to make the best decisions to improve quality of life as well as longevity.

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Contact us and we will work with you to create a sustainable program with measurable outcomes. We can help with everything from planning, best practices, tracking metrics, and will have online support

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Biometric Testing

We can provide medical grade testing equipment and certified staff TO YOUR FACILITY. We can do everything from body composition testing (using our InBody analyzer), or Resting Metabolic Rate (Korr Metacheck) or Functional Movement Screen.


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Our strategy

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Movements are designed with "prehab" in mind; to improve flexibility, mobility strengthen and stabilize individual muscles and increase blood circulation. Some of the top predictors of longevity are 1. Leg Strength, 2. VO2 Max, 3. Lean Muscle Mass, and we cover each modality in a workout. Advantage of a chair workout is reduced stress on the joints and undo pressure on the body. All movements are functional, helping reduce number of falls and an increased ability to better accomplish day-to-day physical activities.

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