Fight For Hearts wins the United Healthcare Community Award Competition

2019-06-27 11_39_38-Fight for Hearts wins $10K UnitedHealthcare Community Care Award -

We are the winners of the 2019 United Healthcare Community Award! We made it through round one of judging and were invited to do a live pitch, in front of 5 judges. The rest is history… It took us 3 years of researching the markets to arrive at our current business plan, which is first of its kind in the USA.

Our presentation was focused on the idea of the Junior Coach program, where we would develop young leaders and empower them to train their peers (under supervision). The platform was highly competitive and there were many companies who’s ideas were no less important than our. During the “Shark Tank” style presentation, we stressed our current traction, growth, customers, P/L numbers, customer acquisition costs, life time value, get/keep/grow side of our business, as well as the case study. Our detailed budgeting and a pilot (which we already deployed) helped us present a viable program.

We are excited to bring a new service to the Syracuse community, and eventually scale. We are sitting down with the decision makers starting next week, and starting our planning right away.

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Lastly, we want to thank everyone for their support throughout the years. Please continue the support and we promise continue executing at the highest level.

Srdan Lukic