Exercise of the Month....Kettlebell Swing

A great exercise that has many application is Kettlebell (KB) swing. It really is a total body workout in one exercise, when done correctly. It is also one of the easier exercises to master and we have had member of all ages learn KB swing.

Before we get into the exercise, it is very important for everyone to go through few pre-requisites for this movement. We like to see participants go through a full squat progression prior to attempting the kb swing. This means touching your toes, dropping into a FULL squat, lifting both arms overhead and standing up. If you are unable to perform this correctly or feel pain at any point, we don’t want to add weight to any portion of the movement. Time to work on mobility/flexibility before trying the exercise.

Next, start off with a light KB and learn the KB sumo squat. Once this is mastered, you are ready to swing! As with any weighted exercise, warm-ups with a light weight are a must.


There are various versions of this exercise, and we’ll let you decide what feels best to you. Most general population as well as athletes neglect muscles of the posterior chain, leading to injuries. Take advantage of KB swings in your next workout, and put your health first!

Srdan Lukic