Our certified coaches travel to any facility in the City of Syracuse. We provide all equipment, insurance, certified coaches, and work with you to develop a curriculum that fits the goal as well as the members.


Headquarters (YMCA):

Visit us at our HQ facility located in the YMCA downtown Syracuse. We offer boxing classes as well as strength and conditioning. Contact us to try a free class.


We partner with American Heart Association, so not only do you get a great workout, but also information on how to improve/maintain heart health with simple life choices (age appropriate).

Click on the photos below to view videos and galleries of our programs! 


 Click on the photo for a gallery.

Click on the photo for a gallery.

1. Youth Fitness

Our youth program (ages 6-14) is an hour long class designed to be fun, with the main focus to KEEP MOVING. Program includes stretching, agility drills, and general conditioning exercises.  We are applying functional exercises aimed at developing speed/agility/explosiveness and accounting for injury prevention.  We also emphasize nutrition as well as teamwork and Fight For Hearts' core values (Healthy Living, Work Ethic, Commitment, Respect, and Responsibility).


2. Cardio Boxing

This is the first program that started our organization! Classes will start with stretching (static/active), plyometric exercises, high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.), core workout, and boxing technique. Since boxers are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world, join us and see results!  We coach all fitness levels present, as well as all experience levels from beginners to active boxers. ESPN ranked boxing as the "toughest sport" 

Click on the photo for a sample workout.

Click on the photo for a sample workout

3. Senior Chair Workout

Senior program starts in a chair and banded resistance. Movement are designed with "prehab" in mind; to improve flexibility, mobility strengthen and stabilize individual muscles and increase blood circulation. Advantage of a chair workout is reduced stress on the joints and undo pressure on the body. All movements are functional, helping reduce number of falls and an increased ability to better accomplish day-to-day physical activities. Progression is easily achieved using heavier resistance bands and weights. Each class is 16 minutes long and fit for all fitness levels. 

4. Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp

Click on the photo for a sample workout.

Fight for Hearts Strength and Conditioning bootcamp is High intensity-interval-training program that consists of cardio training in conjunction with muscle-building exercises. Our program will improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness, help burn fat and best of all it will help strengthen the hardest working muscle in your body, your heart!  All fitness and experience levels are welcome! We have division 1 football players as well as members who are just getting into fitness attend our workouts.  Using progressions/regressions we make sure that everyone works up to their fitness ability.


If you are interested in working with us, please use the contact us tab and we would love to hear from you.  We provide free quotes as well as the fitness program assessment, so reach out to us and we will work together to make a difference in our community! Our current partners include, Fowler H.S., Syracuse Parks and Rec, Boys and Girls club as well as Syracuse Housing Authority.