How We Started

Our Mission 

  • To raise public awareness of medical/emotional/social/community support needed for patients of pediatric cardiology. 
  • Counsel and educate members about leading healthy and active lifestyle as well as heart healthy eating habits.
  • Encourage and Inspire patients suffering with cardiac disease or cardiac defect to maximize their personal growth and development.
  • Develop discipline, commitment and other personal qualities.
  • Provide funding and financial support to patients, local hospitals, clinics, and research facilities which are advancing the medical treatment of heart disease.

Our Approach

We are not only speaking about heart health, but actively practicing it in our community!  Our free cardio classes as well as healthy lifestyle information is intended to reach our entire community, with the goal of improving/maintaining long term heart health. Our strongest asset is fitness expertise as well as responsiveness. We have coaches who are experienced in: Track coaching, Strength and Conditioning, Functional training, and Boxing. We always select optimal exercises which will get you the most bang for the buck (considering risk to reward ratio).  

We don't just offer the highest quality fitness classes, but also make sure that participants are learning about heart health as well as continuing to work out on their own.  As a start up non-profit, we are able to create events, fitness classes and join community efforts on a very short notice, and execute at the highest quality level.  

who we are

Going through any surgery is a difficult and costly process, and it is crucial that the support and guidance is there, as well as financial help. There are restrictions, and steps that need to be taken to maintain long term heart health, and we are here to help.

Who is Fight For Hearts?

My name is Srdan Lukic, and I survived 3 open heart surgeries (TGV/VSD).  I understand difficulties growing up with restrictions, medications and having to take extra care of yourself without much guidance. In my early 20's I begun focusing on healthy living and daily exercise, I not only improved my heart health by lowered my resting heart rate, as well as blood pressure, but also gained confidence which translated to other areas of my life. Fight For Hearts is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit organization composed of fitness professionals who's goal is to raise awareness, educate, and improve our communities heart health. Supporting patients of heart disease/disorder is also our focus, and we explain basic steps to avoid dangers of sedentary lifestyle. We also use fitness and healthy living as preventative measure, helping minimize our communities risk of heart disease.




 Fight For Hearts Coaching Team

Fight For Hearts Coaching Team

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